MSA Code of Conduct

The Marine Surveyors Association Inc aims to improve the quality of small ships surveying by promoting a sense of responsibility to the community at large in all its members and ensuring that marine safety objectives are achieved.

  1. All members are bound by the spirit and also by the letter of this Code of Conduct
  2. All members shall exercise integrity and professional skills to the best of their ability in the interest of their clients in any matter in which they are involved.
  3. All members shall offer services and information only within their fields of competence.
  4. All members shall at all times endeavor to report their findings in a fair and factual manner.
  5. All members shall inform any persons for whom they are working if there is likely to be a conflict of interest in carrying out that work.
  6. All members shall accept payment or reward from only the clients they represent, in relation to any matter being handled.
  7. All members shall respect their clients’ confidentiality in relation to records and information.
  8. All members shall endeavor to settle any dispute by mediation before proceeding to arbitration or litigation.
  9. All members shall refrain from any work or action which might in any way reflect adversely on all other members and officers of the MSA.

Mission Statement

  1. To provide quality marine surveying practice, with integrity and professionalism to all clients, fellow members and representatives of the marine industry.
  2. To provide a forum for members to exchange knowledge and surveying principles.
  3. To improve association practices and standards for the benefit of our clients and associates.
  4. To encourage on-going training by maintaining communication with marine industry bodies, as technology and legislation change.